Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doing Business in the Information Age

Meet Microplane. This company makes graters. Any kind of grater one can use in the kitchen.

They have also mastered a new way of doing business. Teaming up with three different countries enables them to put everyone to work.

First, they make the blades in America. After all this is the most important part of any grater. So why not let the best country make them.

Second, they are assembled in Mexico. So why not let a "smart" country but them together?

Thirdly, the rest of the parts are imported. Honestly who cares but it does provide a job for someone. So why not? I do not mean to be rude here but I am so sick of China monopolizing everything.

I found most of my collection at the local Fred Meyers but they can be purchased directly through Microplane .

Meet my collection. R-L: Artisan Series, Original/classic, Citrus Tool.
Proof that the blade is made in the USA!

The Ultimate Citrus tool is perfect for zesting Lemons, Lime and Oranges. Great for garnishes and scoring. Comes in many colors but I chose yellow.

The Microplane original/classic series works wonders on spices such as nutmeg, etc. If you desire only one this is it. It can handle all of the above with ease. Comes only in black.

The Artisan Series is a coarse zester. Makes short work of carrots, hard cheeses, coconut, ginger and of coarse chocolate.  Comes in many colors but I choose red.

The only one missing from my collection is a Cheese Grater. Fred Meyers was sold out so I will have to go one line. There are so many of these to choose from it may take some time.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Waring Company

Fred Waring, a very popular entertainer, helped shaped the American made Waring Company.
From 1930 to 1940 he spent his time entertainer others.

Then in 1950 Fred came up with an idea very much ahead of it's time. He invented the first ever blender in recorded history. He named it the "miracle mixer" but later changed the name to Waring Blender.

The Waring Company has been making quality restaurant supplies and equipment for over 78 years. It started in  American and after all those years is still made in America.

Today they offer two lines of products. Waring Commercial is for those in the food service industry. Waring Pro is for homemakers. From blenders to toaster ovens the modern home maker can now own appliances made for the pros.

My latest find, a Waring Pro Blender, is just what my kitchen needed. It's simple retro design fits my old country kitchen perfectly. The base is solid metal, heavy and strong. The motor is powerful and yet simple. The blades are sharp and strong. The motor comes with a five year warranty. Can you say that about your blender?

The pitcher I made of heavy glass with classic lines molded in. For me this is the best part as I find plastic very unsanitary. And all this for a mere $99.00 plus free shipping. No tax. WOW!

My new found Blender in Chili Pepper Red.

550 Watt powerful motor. Proudly made in America!

Since I wanted something simple it's two speeds are perfect.

Look how lovely the retro feel looks on my container.
For more products visit Waring  I purchased mine through Wayfair.  Wayfair is an online store that offers low prices, free shipping on orders that qualify and shopping points.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cutest Little Bundt Cakes In Town

I am so excited about my latest find. Since my old measuring tools have lost their markings to let me know what sizes they were I went in search of new ones.

I found so many made in China. I learned that the stainless steel ones are  not only imported but are designed in two pieces. This design allows them to bend and weaken.

Lucky for me I found Nordic Ware. This company has been around well almost forever. It is still family owned and operated since the 1940's. Why are private or family owned companies so important? Because they are  not ruled by share holders. As soon as a company becomes public it loses it's objective.

Since the family owns it they can say where, when and why. They know the importance of all things made in America and have strived hard to fulfill that commitment.

Now for my little treasures. The red measuring cups are shaped like little Bundt Cakes and are molded in one piece. Their markings for sizes are also molded in so they will not wash away. I can not wait to start cooking/baking with them.

The spoons are a beautiful old fashion teal blue. They,too, are one piece mold! The five piece set includes 1/8 of a teaspoon for those tiny bits!

Finally, the best surprise of all. My order would have cost $8.00 to ship. By adding $6.00 more to it I qualified for free shipping. So I said to myself: "Mary why spend that money on shipping when you can buy one more small item and get free shipping? This way you have something to see for your money." So I did just that. With Christmas nipping at our heels and baking on my mind I chose this four in one no wait 8-in-1 cookie cutter.

This lovely made in America cookie cutter is hard plastic. It has two side with four Christmas designs on each side. Sugar Cookie Dough watch out we are coming.

Not only does this company care about where the products are made but with what they are made. All the plastic items sold are BPA-FREE!

Can you see it?? The cute little shape of a small Bundt Cake.

Another view of my cups.

My spoons. It is hard to see but they too are shaped like tiny Bundts.

Notice the surprise spoon? Yes, it is a mere 1/8 of a teaspoon
One view of the cookie cutter.
Flip side of Christmas! !

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food Storage

I know it's been some time since my last post. I due apologize for that. I am finding that items made in America are out there but extremely hard to fine.

However, the one thing I am not is a quitter. So I have quite the line up for you in the months to come.

My latest find is something I have needed for the longest time. Food storage buckets. I buy sugar, flour, rice, beans and even oatmeal in bulk. I also live in the country which means mice, rats and other rodents.

So my search begins. While I have indeed found many a food safe bucket they come with a hefty price. As much as $60.00 per and with me needing at least five you can only imagine the costs.

Finally, my search ends right at my local Home Depot. That is right! I found exactly the ones I needed made in America for only $3.98 per bucket. While the lids are optional at $3.98 each. There are two different styles. The style I purchased snap on and off. The style I will get when these wear out are a two piece. The outer piece snaps on then the inside one screws on and off. These are called Gamma. Not only are they easier to use but I've been told keep the food more airtight and dry.
For this and other products made in America by an American visit

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Your Bag?

Seems years ago our nation decided to please the Tree Huggers and take away our paper bags. Now if you are lucky you will get to bring home a plastic one. This is sad.

A paper bag is renewable, reusable and recyclable. After all aren't you getting tired of a drawer full of plastic bags? These bags are not reusable, recyclable or from a renewable resource. They are two small to line my garbage cans. They are a by-product of oil. Oil is not a renewable resource. Most importantly they are not recyclable.

Here in the great green of Washington State some cities/towns are "outlawing" the plastic bag. If you shop in Seattle or Issaquah better bring your own bag or you may be in for a surprise.

 I now have banned the plastic bags from my home. And yes with a little research one can do this. I found a California company that sells a nice selection of made in America paper grocery bags. Even with the shipping charges they still cost me less than a plastic kitchen bag. Do be aware that not all the bags are made in America.

Growing up my mom always used her paper grocery bags to line the garbage cans. I use them not only to line my kitchen cans, bathroom, or bedroom they are wonderful in my veggie compost bin. When it needs to be taken out I just but bag, scraps and all into the compost pile.

For my out door cans I use the very large leaf and lawn paper ones. Most hardware stores such as Lowe's, Home depot and my local one Johnson's Do It Center. They hold about 30 gallons. It has been about one month so far and I have had no regrets. Especially when I open the cupboard that is still over flowing with plastic bags.

Yet there is still one issue that lurks about. The grocery store. Seems most of the time when I go my bags get left behind or even in the car. So I stumbled upon a terrific bag. This bag is bright orange, big and wads up nicely in the bottom of my purse. Since my purse goes everywhere I do I am never without a bag. I found mine at Home depot for a mere 99cents.

 Above is my collection of bags.

My big orange bag. I t wads up into my purse and holds a lot. Really!
My threesome. This set cost mine 99 cents.
The three are made of cotton, have an insert that helps them stand up right and flat.
 My paper bag.

Bags like the one above are a great addition to one's collection. It helps me with my groceries and lets me advertise my friend's blog.

Alas, my overflowing cupboard of plastic bags. Help! Any suggestions on how to safely get them out of my home?