Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Your Bag?

Seems years ago our nation decided to please the Tree Huggers and take away our paper bags. Now if you are lucky you will get to bring home a plastic one. This is sad.

A paper bag is renewable, reusable and recyclable. After all aren't you getting tired of a drawer full of plastic bags? These bags are not reusable, recyclable or from a renewable resource. They are two small to line my garbage cans. They are a by-product of oil. Oil is not a renewable resource. Most importantly they are not recyclable.

Here in the great green of Washington State some cities/towns are "outlawing" the plastic bag. If you shop in Seattle or Issaquah better bring your own bag or you may be in for a surprise.

 I now have banned the plastic bags from my home. And yes with a little research one can do this. I found a California company that sells a nice selection of made in America paper grocery bags. Even with the shipping charges they still cost me less than a plastic kitchen bag. Do be aware that not all the bags are made in America.

Growing up my mom always used her paper grocery bags to line the garbage cans. I use them not only to line my kitchen cans, bathroom, or bedroom they are wonderful in my veggie compost bin. When it needs to be taken out I just but bag, scraps and all into the compost pile.

For my out door cans I use the very large leaf and lawn paper ones. Most hardware stores such as Lowe's, Home depot and my local one Johnson's Do It Center. They hold about 30 gallons. It has been about one month so far and I have had no regrets. Especially when I open the cupboard that is still over flowing with plastic bags.

Yet there is still one issue that lurks about. The grocery store. Seems most of the time when I go my bags get left behind or even in the car. So I stumbled upon a terrific bag. This bag is bright orange, big and wads up nicely in the bottom of my purse. Since my purse goes everywhere I do I am never without a bag. I found mine at Home depot for a mere 99cents.

 Above is my collection of bags.

My big orange bag. I t wads up into my purse and holds a lot. Really!
My threesome. This set cost mine 99 cents.
The three are made of cotton, have an insert that helps them stand up right and flat.
 My paper bag.

Bags like the one above are a great addition to one's collection. It helps me with my groceries and lets me advertise my friend's blog.

Alas, my overflowing cupboard of plastic bags. Help! Any suggestions on how to safely get them out of my home?