Friday, November 30, 2012

Wal~mart: It's all about the sale!

I'd like to say that my four years as a sales floor associate with Wal~Mart has taught me a lot. The following are solely my points of view from what I have seen, heard and learned. My series of blog posts are simply that. They will reflect what goes on in my eyes at my store. They may or may not be a reflection of all Wal~Marts.

Yesterday while waiting in line to check out I saw the store for what it really is. All about the sale with no rules for the customer. Anything goes here. The person in front of me had been waiting in line long before I arrived. The person behind me just stepped in line. The line is for one of two cashiers. When one cashier became available the person behind me dammed near tripped over his own feet to "cut in front". The cashier just rang him up. All the while me and someone else pointed out to her that he cut in front. I have seen this at other stores and the cashier always says, "Sorry sir. I must ask you to get back in line so I am help the next person."  Not here. She just smiled and carried on a very polite conversation with him. What they do not realize is this breeds a selfish, no respect customer. Once they have gotten away with it there will be no stopping them.

Welcome to Wal~mart. Is this a service dog? All the customer has to do is say yes and all are allowed in the store. Excuse me! Since when is a Pit Bull a service dog? or How about that pocket pet? Ya know the itty bitty dog in your purse? How can that service anybody? A cat! Since when is a cat a service animal? According to the greeter gal all they can do is ask. If the customer says yes they have to let them in. I wonder is this a state law now that papers are no longer required or does Wal~mart not give a dam just come spend your quarter. I wonder how the health department would take it now that we sell food. Many times maintenance has had to clean up doggy doo. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't service dogs trained not to potty in stores? I always thought they held it until given permission to go in the appropriate place.

Remember this: No shirt, No shoes, No food, No service? I do. This was posted in a front window at every store in town. When I was growing up one could not enter a store without a shirt or shoes. And food or drinks no way this was not allowed ever. In fact some stores would take it away from you or ask you to wait outside. Now anything goes. Customers stand over the fabric table slopping their drinks all over. They let the young eat as they walk around the store and throw their food overboard onto the floor. Gross! And when they are done what do you think they do with the wrappers? I find them hidden behind the fabric, on top of towels between books just about everywhere except the garbage can that is provided.

Returns. I have never seen so many things being returned and rules broken here. Some things need a receipt but if the customer screams loud enough it gets returned anyway. Some times management will hold tight to the rule then the customer simply calls the 1-800 corporate number and corporate gives in over riding what management held onto and a rule that corporate but in place. So just put up a fuss and they will give in!

What has happened to retail? Is it so about the sale that we have tossed out all the rules. We are humans, we need rules to be civil. This is what keeps peace and violence at bay. Throw out the rules and anythings goes.