Monday, March 17, 2014

Feeding The Hummers

I know it has been along time between posts. I am sorry. I have been busy finding lots of products made in America to let you know about. So welcome back and enjoy all the good things to come.

I love humming birds. They are beautiful, make a lovely buzzing sound and so much fun to just sit back and watch. The few that come to my feeders do not seem to be afraid. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad.

I found this wonderful glass and plastic feeder at Home Depot for only $9.95 plus tax. The best part of this find is that it is 100% made in the USA. Even better it is sold by perky pet.

It comes apart for easy and through cleaning. There is an ant guard as well as a bee one. So you can feed your hummers and keep the bugs away.

Since it is reasonably priced I plan on buying several more in the near future. While it does come with it's own premade humming bird food I prefer to make my own. There is some dispute as to whether the red dye is harmful. So to be on the safe side I make mine.

Here is what you will need:
  1. 4 cups water. Tap is fine or you may use purified.
  2. 1 cup sugar.
In a medium sauce pan pour 4 cups water. Heat until steaming but not boiling. Add 1 cup sugar. Stir until completely dissolved. Bring to a full boil and boil at least 2 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Pour into feeder. remaining maybe refrigerated for up to two weeks.

The top cover is the ant moat. Keeps them out!

The yellow is the Bee guard. Someone I work with mention they can fall out but go back in place easy. With or without them the Hummers still come. So no worries if they fall out.
Want to know more about Hummingbirds and their migration?  Follow this link to the migration map.

Interested in helping them tract the Hummingbirds in your area? You can submit your sightings as well.

Next week I'll talk about my great gardening tool! See ya then.

March 19, 2014
I just had to add some exciting news to this blog. Just in a new shipment of feeders. These hold a whopping 30 ounces, have six feeding stations and are so easy to clean. Yes they are still made in the USA. However they are slightly more expensive. Available at Home Depot for about $16.99 plus tax. I feel they are worth every dollar I spent.
 Above: As you can see it comes completely apart for through cleaning.
 Above: the feeding station top comes off the bottom to be sure one gets it really clean.

  Above: The underneath side of the feeder. You may use either a spray bottle set to stream or a water pick like one would use for their teeth to clean the yellow daisies. keeping these clean helps ensure your hummers won't become ill.

 Above: the flat top helps it stay upright and stable while you fill it.
 Above: The wide mouth allows for easier filling.
 Above: Filled with almost 30 ounces of the water mixture left over from earlier.

 Above: cleaned, filled and ready to go up!

Above: just monuments after I took this picture a Hummer showed up to feed but left before I could snap another picture.

Above: my new find hanging and waiting for the gang of six to feed!
 Well not a gang of six yet. But three discovered the feeders.