Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Costco Members Score a Touchdown

In 2014 Hillary Clinton's  book Hard Choices hit the store. At the same time so did America Imagine A World without Her by Dinesh D'Souza.

 For those that do not know much about Mr. D'Souza he went to college with many of those now in the government. Included in the book are the Clintons, Obama, Elizabeth Warren and others. His book tells the truth about some of them and is considered controversial.

As for Hillary Clinton's book Hard Choices since I have not read it yet so it would be hard for me to comment. I only know it is about the choices and sacrifices  Bill and her had to make over the years.

Costco's CEO Mr. Craig Jelinek was caught between a rock and hard spot. Many founders, former CEO's, executives and directors are openly Democratic and back Obama were faced with a dilemma. While America was selling better than Hard Choices it was decided to pull it off Costco Shelves in all their stores. One can only imagine the difficultly of this. Here you run a store to make money yet you wish to remain loyal to your party.

Some say the decision came from the White House others claim the book just was not selling even though the sales tell a different story.

Little did CEO Craig Jelinek know just what he stepped into. A Costco customer found out what they planned on doing and it hit social media sites faster than a forest fire! It did not take long before the Tukwila Washington office was slammed with phone calls, e-mails, letters and even some that cut up their Costco Cards vowing never to shop there again.

The pressure of the consumer was greater than the white House. So it did not take long before America was back on the shelves in all stores in the USA. Since then more have been ordered. My mom would have been so proud of this power of the purse action.

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